Final Coffee Table Post – Glam Shots included

Here are a few more pictures of my work on the coffee table and a bit of the blow by blow.  Oh and a little bit on how I store my hide glue.

11 thoughts on “Final Coffee Table Post – Glam Shots included”

  1. Marilyn, Luther down here near Olympia. Have you found a great place to get wood around here? I basically am using crosscut woods or Eden saw (when I want to make the 2 hour drive) but have not found a real nice secret source of nice local wood. Any secrets you can share?

    1. Hmmm .. well there’s Compton Lumber but it’s across the street from Crosscut. There is at least one guy down there that I see posting lumber on craigslist. You might also check out They’re in Tacoma and if there wood is too big slab for what you need maybe they could give you some tips.

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