I need to make a shaving horse ..

This post means I’m starting to Think about making one and starting to collect information.  Tim Manney has a great one that I’ll be using as a go by.

Shaving Horse Base

Build a Better Shaving Horse

Shaving Horse – The Business End

shave horse

Roy Underhill video: 


Brian Boggs, Chairmaker


AW Extra – Hybrid Shaving Horse



7 thoughts on “I need to make a shaving horse ..”

  1. His design is enticing, I think it’s a useful workholding device especially for drawknife work, but I need to clear some shop space (and finish a bench) before I can add it to the list, as it does have a decent sized footprint

    1. I have a couple of ceiling hooks for holding bikes so my plan is to have a horse that I can take apart and store up high until I need it. That’s my plan at least.

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