Women In Woodworking

Andrea Ramsay did a super nice article about me on Highland Woodworking’s Women in Working series.  If you’d like to read it check it out here: 

Women in Woodworking – Meet Marilyn Guthrie

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8 Responses to Women In Woodworking

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  2. Brian Eve says:

    Great write-up! Congratulations.

  3. tombuhl says:

    Good stuff. Marilyn, you are a gem. Thanks.

  4. ouidavincent says:

    Nice profile. Is your home shop hand tool only with the power stuff at a different location?

    • Marilyn says:

      No, I have both hand tools and power tools in my shop. I don’t have a power jointer so if I have a lot of milling to do I go to the local fine arts shop.

      • ouidavincent says:

        oh, I am trying to set up a hand tool only room in the tack room of my barn then have a power tool area in the barn itself

  5. Great article from Andrea. And good on Highland for this column. I love finding out about other women woodworkers as well because it helps add legitimacy to something, which frankly, doesn’t need it. I also loved the shot of your wedding band in the article. Another thing which shouldn’t need legitimacy.

    Thanks for being an inspiration to other women (and fathers of little girls – like me).


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