Roorkhee Chair Part 1.1 – more details.

I’ve had a request for more details regarding how I made my Roorkhee by hand.  This post is an attempt at that, but some what repeating info in the previous post.

There are many inspirational photos of Roorkhee Chairs to inspire your own Roorkhee project.  I collected a few here.  Hopefully these photos will inspire you to be free to make your legs in the way you’re most comfortable.  As in all things wood working, there are many ways to complete a project.

I made my chair out of some beautiful kiln dried Black Limba I found at Crosscut lumber.  My leather was from the now out of business Sheraton Leather.  My leather was 8 – 10 thickness.



Here are some additional resources that you might find helpful.

Roorkhee chair design

Assemble a Roorkhee Chair

Roorkhee Chair – Popular Woodworking

Now Available: Build a Campaign Chair Video


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2 Responses to Roorkhee Chair Part 1.1 – more details.

  1. potomacker says:

    Is that spalting in your stock or just a feature of Black Limba, which I had never heard of until you write that word.

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