No more procrastination ..

I’ve not been likin’ the  wasted space in my tool cabinet design.  So I took as step back and redesigned.  I took a second look at the Chris’s wall hanging tool cabinet and this is what I’m callin’ my final design.

Some light tools will hang on the doors, but most will reside in drawers so I can carry them to the work bench, which is actually further away than I’d like.

I also drew it out on paper and laid tools in their spot.  I used my Anarchist Tool Chest list to visualize where the tools would go. 

I’m declaring this done and am finally going to start building.

2 thoughts on “No more procrastination ..”

  1. Hi Marilyn,The answer to 'too far away', is to have a smaller shop! Well okay I know that isn't a solution, but from experience, those few steps to the cabinet slow the overall pace just a little. Time for a pause, especially if things might be going awry. I no longer have to rely on woodwork for a living, so I can preach. 🙂 The truth is, woodwork is a reflective process; the more steady you work, the more you get done and the better your work becomes. Looking at your gallery, I sense you already think that way. So from this end of life, to your end, here's a hope you just pause now and then, make those steps across to the cabinet, and take stock. Oh yes… make sure you pick up the right tool for the job! Best of luckJW

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