No more procrastination ..

I’ve not been likin’ the  wasted space in my tool cabinet design.  So I took as step back and redesigned.  I took a second look at the Chris’s wall hanging tool cabinet and this is what I’m callin’ my final design.

Some light tools will hang on the doors, but most will reside in drawers so I can carry them to the work bench, which is actually further away than I’d like.

I also drew it out on paper and laid tools in their spot.  I used my Anarchist Tool Chest list to visualize where the tools would go. 

I’m declaring this done and am finally going to start building.


Bought a board yesterday to complete the desk top I’ll be making some time in the future.  I already have two 12 to 13″ quarter sawn mahogany boards and need one more to finish out the top. The great news is my bench handled this easily as I had planned it would.

I’m still working on the tool cabinet sketch up.  After discovering that my slanted platform wasn’t going to work, I started redesigning.