4 thoughts on “All milled and ready to go ..”

  1. Summer time interruptions? Doesn't summer have to get here first? Really, it sounds like this will be a fun project for you. I hope that you enjoy it and I am looking forward to seeing more of it when you get going on it.

  2. Don't worry too much about the layout as most of it will move before you get the tools in.Tool Cabinets are all about learning. When I built mt Travelling Tool Chest to take to woodwork classes I thought I had most of the positions sorted. That lasted until I cut the door off the cabinet and put the hinges on.At least 2/3 of the tools found new homes thereafter.It is funny how you think a set of squares can be supported in a door with fancy rotating keepers to hold it them place right up until you realise that the bottom half of the door has 2 square sides that can hold all of them without a fancy keeper that has to be undone every time you need the tool.Take all this as positive help and get stuck in and build it.

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