4 thoughts on “More tool cabinet progress ..”

  1. I've been told Woodworking magazines will use a common tool, used by fashion magazines. Air brushes! They cover up mistakes and save the reputations of their "celebrity" woodworkers. I wish they would show their mistakes! It would show that everyone is human! Woodworking magazines are starting to be like fashion magazines, by giving us an unattainable image we must achieve! Wow I wasn't planning to get on a soapbox, it just came out!Thanks for sharing your mistake.Mike

  2. And an excellent soap box it is! They air brush?? Oh brother! One of the reasons I really love Marc and Shannon's stuff is that they show their mistakes and how to fix them. Marc got me to write a post on his site about how he helped me fix my mistakes in my first guild project -> http://thewoodwhisperer.com/marilyns-chest-of-drawers/. I think talking about your mistakes is critical. Nothing frustrates me more than a book, video, dvd , etc. that glosses over them.

  3. When I first started woodworking, I was a Norm devotée. But it used to drive me nuts when he'd check for square on a cabinet he was gluing up and would always proclaim, "Yep, it's square." It took me a couple years to find out how to adjust the clamps if it wasn't square.Your cabinet is looking not only square, but fantastic! Your hand tools will have a happy, handsome home before you know it.

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