Some knuckle headed wood worker put a groove in the wrong place on my cabinet

Man!  In spite of color coded tape, hand drawn in grooves, etc.  SOMEONE, I’m not namin’ names, put a groove on the opposite side of the piece.  Geez!

So now I have to fix it.

And this is one reason I fell in love with hand planes.  For me, it makes this repair possible and fairly easy.

First I squared up the end of the groove (don’t tell anyone, but for long stop grooves, I use a router).

After cleaning it up, I cut a piece slightly over-sized and then trimmed it to fit ..

.. using the jointer.

Then the shooting board to trim the ends.  Shooting Board – Evenfalls – Picture Frame Shooter shown.

Wee! fun!  you can still see it, but it looks way better than a gaping groove.

And .. its on the top of the cabinet, so it’ll be hard to see.

Note to self:  when the fit gets really close, put glue in the groove.  A good fitting piece will be really hard to get out during dryfitting.

Oh .. and some one tell the cat that we bought that electric blanket for us … not the cat. 😀