Some knuckle headed wood worker put a groove in the wrong place on my cabinet

Man!  In spite of color coded tape, hand drawn in grooves, etc.  SOMEONE, I’m not namin’ names, put a groove on the opposite side of the piece.  Geez!

So now I have to fix it.

And this is one reason I fell in love with hand planes.  For me, it makes this repair possible and fairly easy.

First I squared up the end of the groove (don’t tell anyone, but for long stop grooves, I use a router).

After cleaning it up, I cut a piece slightly over-sized and then trimmed it to fit ..

.. using the jointer.

Then the shooting board to trim the ends.  Shooting Board – Evenfalls – Picture Frame Shooter shown.

Wee! fun!  you can still see it, but it looks way better than a gaping groove.

And .. its on the top of the cabinet, so it’ll be hard to see.

Note to self:  when the fit gets really close, put glue in the groove.  A good fitting piece will be really hard to get out during dryfitting.

Oh .. and some one tell the cat that we bought that electric blanket for us … not the cat. 😀

3 thoughts on “Some knuckle headed wood worker put a groove in the wrong place on my cabinet”

  1. I always have witness triangles on the top edges of all pieces (half triangles on each side and half triangles on front and back pieces). This tells me at just a glance which side is up and which side is the inside or outside of the box.When I'm feeling scatter brained and concerned I might mess something like that up, I'll also run blue painters tape along the lower part of the outside face of each board. That helps me keep oriented, as well, especially when I get ready to try and plow a groove and realize I'll have to plow through blue painter's tape to do it…

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