I’ve got loose screws .. don’t you?

One of my braces has pretty crappy wood on the pad and the little screws have pulled out.  The only thing really holding the pad on is the threads inside the pad.  So I went to my favorite hardware store, Hardwicks, and asked about a fix.

The answer .. a tooth pick.  Really?  Ok, maybe a really thin dowel that you put into the holes and reintroduce the screw into the replaced wood.

The hardest part of the whole thing was restarting the screws.  Hopefully the picture demonstrates.

One screw went flying into the ether so I pulled out my giant magnet that I originally purchased to clean up after the remodel contractor.  If you’re cat swallows anything metal, it’ll pick him up .. no problem.  ;o)

4 thoughts on “I’ve got loose screws .. don’t you?”

  1. I learned this method for redoing holes for door hinges. I met an old timer who hoarded the hard-to-find square section toothpicks which are apparently the best for the purpose – break picks in half, and tap three pieces, pointy ends first, into the hole with some glue, and when dry you can redrill the hole, even adjusting the location if need be.

    I love Hardwicks, BTW. I live 2000 miles from them, but I still keep a mental shopping list for the occasional trip to Seattle.

    1. Interesting!

      In a larger hole repair, I could see over drilling the hole and putting a dowel (or square peg) in the redrilled hole with some glue. After that you drill a starter hole and and put in your screw.

      Seems like a clever trick. Not sure how much holding power it creates but at least I won’t lose those screws now.

    1. It’s a very dangerous place for the wallet. However, if you do need something, it offers the opportunity to buy used and save some money.

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