4 thoughts on “Sketch up done, now on to some woodworking”

  1. Nice job plowing those grooves. That has given me fits in the past. I end up cocking the plane slightly and wallowing out the groove so it’s sloppy. I guess that’s what the mean by “cocking it up”.

    Does the taller fence on the plane help? I added a slightly longer/wider fence to my plane, but it didn’t completely solve the problem. But then the problem is probably me, not the plane 🙂

    1. Heh! Trust me, it’s been a learning process.

      I applied three “tricks”:

      1. projected the blade from the plane about a 32nd of an inch, which still get a good shaving. That made the biggest improvement.

      2. Used my mortise gauge to score the groove before to minimize the tear out.

      3. Used 220 sand paper to clean the edges up when I was done.

      Chris does a nice job at splainin’ here: http://www.wkfinetools.com/contrib/cSchwarz/z_art/vSmallPlow/sPlow-2.asp

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