Sketch Up complete

It’s not perfect, but its my first complicated sketch up drawing complete with dovetails, multiple scenes and exploded drawings.

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7 Responses to Sketch Up complete

  1. Nice work Marilyn. I have had several cad programs in the past and even used Sketchup for a time, but found that you needed to use these programs on a regular basis to become and stay proficient with them. Some years ago I gave up on cad for the woodshop and started hand sketching with pencil. I found this works best for me and takes a lot less time than doing cad drawings, but if you have the time cad delivers the best and most accurate drawings.

    • Marilyn says:

      I know you’re right. As a matter of fact, I drew my next project while I was at it so I didn’t forget all that I had figured out.

      It kinda reminds me of saw sharpening. I don’t have many and I don’t need to sharpen that often. Each time I have to relearn.

      I’ll be trying to keep up my skills by continuing to draw thing.

  2. billlattpa says:

    I may have to give sketch up a try. I am making faux-raised panels for my latest project using different thicknesses for contrast. It was kind of hard to envision until I actually did it. I’m glad at least that my instincts were right, but sketch up may have taken out a lot of the guess work.

  3. Daris says:

    That’s awesome. I really like the sketch up on this. I’m still trying to learn the program. I have enough trouble thinking in 2D, so 3D is a killer. Great job.!

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