Learning Sketch Up

I’ve been thrashing about trying to learn this program.  At WIA I won this sketch up pack and I discovered over the weekend that I like it … a lot.

So I still consider myself a beginning intermediate level woodworker.  I didn’t grow up wood working, wasn’t exposed plans and the like or other things that would have help my woodworking foundation.  I am a geologist by training so at least I have some natural inclination and some training visualizing what I can’t see.  And I took a lot of art in high school, so I can draw a little bit.

So I’m determined on my current project (the desk) to visualize where I’m going before I start making it.  And I really want to learn sketch up.  Here’s my practice along with Robert sketch.  

I’m bettin’ by the time I get through disc 2 I’m going to know most of what I need to know.

Schemeing about the workshop

I’m thinking about a deadman and a new top with vice and bench dog holes.And some rearranging ..

The sketch up drawing eliminates two of the shelving units. One unit would be replaced by the wall hanging cabinet for hand tools (right now they’re in their boxes on the shelf) with the trash can below. Some day a nice planer with a mobile base underneath it. The second shelf would be replaced by wood storage.

I’m planning on constructing an assembly table that will act as an outfeed table and then roll back over the table saw. This will open of the space between the saw and the workbench for assembly.