7 thoughts on “More work on the top”

      1. I like the look also. Seeing the method of work and exposed joinery adds greatly to a piece and I guess it just appeals to the engineer in me. The top is looking great thanks for sharing.

      2. Thanks! I know there are many who hate the look of end grain. I don’t. End grain cutting boards, for example, are very cool.

        And I’m with you. It adds interest to the ends of the top.

  1. It’s looking great! I really like the use of splines, how did you make them and how big are they? I’m looking to start on a dining room table very soon and the top will probably be the same style with the end grain exposed but this post just gave me some inspiration to add some splines!

    1. The splines were a 1/2″ wide and 1/4″ thick made of the same material as the top.

      A couple of suggestions .. thin the width of the spline in the center to make sure the pieces come together. AND use a glue with as long a set time as possible. They’re long glue joint and you’ll need extra time to get it all together. Also, the splines will swell when you add glue. Just a few lessons learned.

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