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I’ve been sharpening my own saws for many years, but it’s not something I’m comfortable teaching or writing much about because I don’t do it enough to feel like I’ve encountered all the crazy, messed-up situations that are possible with a saw.

Question: How do I recut the teeth in a new sawplate?

Heck, I don’t know.

How do I best reconfigure the PPI count of my saw to make it finer or coarser?


My sawplate is warped. Every other tooth is tiny. I want to change a ripsaw to a crosscut saw with sloped gullets. I’d like to add progressive rake and progressive pitch.

I know a lot of the answers to these questions, but I don’t have a lot of experience messing around with saws in all sorts of disrepair.

But when my saws are dull, I sharpen them. It’s really pretty easy and I’ve never thought…

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  1. Hi Mary, I saw this when lee valley included to their new products and I fell in love at first sight I think this is one item some company should have made long time ago I have been sharpening handsaws since I got into woodworking because it is a task that really seduces me I dont know why but handsaws are my favorites tools and I dont want nobody but me touching my teeth (saws´ of course 😉 ) Unfortunately I will have to wait for a while because it still havent come to europe but I will purchase it as soon as I can
    This sawfile holder along together with the gramercy sawvise make an unbeatable team to get your saws a higher level

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