8 thoughts on “The Dutch Tool Chest – Tool tested and kitten approved”

  1. (S)he knows where the valuable stuff goes, and as the most valuable, (s)he has taken her rightful place!

  2. Lol! After working out of a variety of containers while making my full size anarchist tool chest, I want to make a Dutch one for travel. It would make a great travel tool chest.

  3. My shop cats Anna and Amber also find their way into odd spots. Anna’s favourite spot is on top of my dust collector filter bag! I guess it is high up and she feels safe

  4. Dust collector bag kitty! That’s hilarious.

    And yes, Zipper thinks everything is his so he’d agree that I need to make a new one.

    I’m lookin’ forward to take my Dutch tool chest to a class too.

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