Copper Nail Resources

Ok, I live in a boating town and I’ve been looking for copper nails, etc.  All I’ve been able to find are online resources (sheesh!) .. so I thought I’d share.  Click on the pictures for a better look.

Copper Rose-Head Boat Nails & Roves – Lee Valley

Tools ~ Rove Set

Instructions – Riveting

Copper Nails Rove


Video Installing rivets

Watch Part 2

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6 Responses to Copper Nail Resources

  1. Roger Green says:

    Here’s a link to where I would look:, Tacks, Brads and Escutcheon Pins&category=481&refine=1&page=GRID

  2. Rich Prehn says:

    Next time you’re heading to Port Townshend (think Edensaw), check out the Wooden Boat Chandlery. I’m pretty sure they have a pretty good selection of copper fastenings

  3. What are you looking to do with copper nails? I’ve used them in the past to hang slate a slate roof — so those would be larger copper nails.

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