18 thoughts on “This is embarrassing ..”

  1. That was my very first woodworking (furniture-ish) project. Replaced stereo speaker cabinets which had been long without corresponding components. I had no idea what that would lead to. I did buy some decent bench planes. And a router. So maybe I did know, but didn’t want to acknowledge the workout my credit cards would get over the years. Have fun.

    1. My very, very first project was a book case which I never finished. When I took woodworking back up a number years later, I converted the book case wood to jigs and little glove cabinet with shaker pegs that also resides in my shop now.

  2. Looks familiar. For 10yrs I had a scrap length of plywood cantilevered out from between my mattress and box springs… functional but ugly beyond words… when Adam Cherubini did that series on boarded furniture in PWW, It’s construction intrigued me enough to to build a pair of simple night stands in just a couple days. Still not fine furniture, but immensely better (and I also incorporated cable access), and if I want to replace in another 10yrs (they won’t be worn out in 100) then I haven’t invested much.

  3. Oh!! Ha! The wooden piece with the wing nut is actually a brace to hold up my cpap hose .. not part of the bed. The bed frame is actually a beautiful cherry platform bed that I purchased from a local woodworker. Its the center piece of the “rebuilding the bedroom furniture” project. In other words, there are many other project in the bedroom that need to be done .. a small chest of drawers and another night stand with drawers and maybe a few other things.

    1. Turning a lamp .. that would be a great project too .. but I need a lathe. Of course, there is my woodworker friend across the street .. hmm.

      And .. YES to shelves for favorite woodworking books! It wouldn’t be a bedside table with out them. πŸ™‚

    1. Ha! πŸ˜€ I’m reading woodworking magazines, of course.
      The dictionary does a nice job of holding my CPAP up to the right level.

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