“Everything’s big in Texas” ..

But we have some really big trees here on the West Coast.  This was shot in our north Seattle neighborhood.

Peter Gruenwoldt from Seattle’s Tree Cycle, working on a 100′ Elm. The wood salvaged from this tree will be turned into some amazing live-edge furniture by a team of artists and craftsman at Urban Hardwoods. If you can wait 3 years, you could own a table that once overlooked Lake Union and the city skyline.

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9 Responses to “Everything’s big in Texas” ..

  1. That was pretty cool! What kind of tree?

  2. Jose Santiago says:

    Wow!! What a cool job. Thanks for posting. Merry Christmas.

  3. Jeff Branch says:

    Interesting, must have been expensive to take down with all that equipment. But they did it right.

  4. rondennis303 says:

    Thank You!
    Marilyn, this was inspiring. My late grandfather cruised timber for close to 60 years. He had to quit when he lost his hearing. He couldn’t hear them telling him to move out of the way!

  5. Jim B says:

    Wow, quite an operation! I bet the climber doesn’t go to the gym at the end of the day.

    The last scene with the base of the tree completely filling the truck box puts the size into perspective. Sorry to see such a grand old tree lost.

    • Marilyn says:

      Yeah! That must be great shape. And it is sad to see that there isn’t another one that size for miles. The whole area used to be covered in trees that size that you couldn’t even walk between they were so thick.

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