TV Lift Cabinet – working on the drawers

I got some time this weekend to start putting the drawers together.  I used my INCRA Ibox to make the joints for the first time.

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4 Responses to TV Lift Cabinet – working on the drawers

  1. R.Lindh says:

    I have used the I-Box Jig a number of times…really nice tool!

    • Marilyn says:

      It is, I agree. I did find that my joints were a tad bid loose maybe because of table saw inaccuracy. Did you run into that and were you able to remedy it.

  2. joemcglynn says:

    Marilyn – it’s got to feel good to get back out in the shop, congrats!

    We’re toying with getting a new TV, moving up from the tiny 1990s CRT version we have to a flat screen behemoth. Which has me thinking of making a similar project, although it would have to be in the G&G style. Do you think the Greene’s would have done a TV cabinet with ebony pegs, carving and inlay? I’m sure they would…

    A friend ( just posted pictures of his TV lift cabinet. These are so much nicer than having a giant TV taking up space all the time.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Oh!! Very cool link. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you could have a ton of fun and challenge designing a similar type of cabinet.

    Its a funny thing .. when I tell people what I’m building .. they say .. I want one of those. I bet if you design a G&G one, you’ll be quit popular. 😀

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