Brusso Hardware

For many of my project I use Bursso hinges/hardware.  Its quality stuff that I got turned on to by Marc at the The Wood Whisperer.  The hardward is substanical quality brass and they even include the proper size steel screws to pre-thread your brass screw holes.

A couple weeks ago they sent out a call for project photos and I sent in a few of mine.  In response Brusso did a really nice blog post on the information that I sent them and to boot, they sent me a really nice mug!


Check out their stuff if you haven’t already.

PS. If anyone can give me a hint at how to get rid of the ugly brown border around my pics, lemme know.  Geez!

5 thoughts on “Brusso Hardware”

  1. Marilyn, you have several rules in your site CSS related to brown borders on images. You need to change these to either eliminate the border or change the color. Look first at the file ‘brown.css’ for these rules:

    .post img.attachment-post-thumbnail{
    border:5px solid #d3975d;

    .entry img{
    border:5px solid #d3975d;

    1. The border is probably part of the blog theme — you may not be able to change the CSS directly. You can probably over-rule it in your site settings.

      I use WordPress for my site. On each picture I put in a post I can set the border size and color individually by clicking on the picture, then clicking on the “pencil” icon to edit the picture. Under advanced setting there are options for width and color. There is also an option under site settings to change the colors in the theme (appearance->theme->customize->colors) or to define custom CSS. You could try putting the snippets Eric provided into the custom CSS with “0px” instead of 5px which should make the border zero pixels wide.

      1. Eww! Thanks guys!! I did try the border thing on the picture edit, but it didn’t seem to do the trick. I’ll poke around and see what i can make happen.

  2. Good points, Joe. I assumed that Marilyn would have access to the stylesheets.

    I tend to roll my own, so I’m not very familiar with what WordPress makes available to you. If there is a method in the site admin interface to set custom CSS rules that’s probably the best place to change these settings.

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