8 thoughts on “Logo .. hmmm ..”

  1. Doesn’t say “Marilyn” to me. Looks like a throw away version you make when client insists on seeing five samples. Then, of course, they pick the one you hate. I’d prefer just a bit of tuning on the previous version.

    Where did that pointed end rasp handle come from? I want to take a nice rasp to it and round it over.

  2. I’m just thrilled to see someone not using a plane to represent woodworking in their logo for once 🙂 Personally I say hold on to both versions! Between your website, Twitter header, Facebook page header, and other instances where you’ll need a logo, it’s going to be beneficial to have both a “square” and a wide-format logo.

  3. Not a fan of the new logo. Looks like clip art. Kind of cartoonish.

    Not up to the quality of your nice blog.

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