Carving Project – Mary May

This week I’m working on a project in Mary’s class under her wise guidance.  I promised myself that I would take lots of pictures of the progress as I went along and talk a bit about the cuts that I’m making. 

So here goes.

My First Carved Bowl

A couple of weeks ago, a red alder fell into one of our city streets.  The city did a wise thing and cut the tree up into wood worker sized logs. Red Alder, I learned turns bright orange on a cut surface after a day or more of exposure.  So here are my progress shots.  Most of my work was done with my bowl adze. County Workshop is also where I got my bowl gouges.


Almost a million views and a bit of an explanation


So it’s been a very interesting Year.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed that blog posts have been down here and when I have posted, many times it’s been other’s work not mine.  About this time last year I was told I was being transferred to a position based in Tacoma.  And for those of you who know about Seattle traffic, you’ll know that this was a big problem.  

It was in many ways a promotion but the negatives out weighed the benefits so I had to launch into full blown job search mode which was a significant challenge since I’d been in my previous job for 15 years.  But good news, if you fast forward to today, I’m now at the end of my forth week in my new job and having fun again.  My day is longer but I’m hoping to negotiate some additional woodworking personal time 😉 .

Preview of Things to Come

In June I’ll be leaving the fam at home and going on a luxurious 2 week woodworking vacation and immersing myself in carving.   I’ll be putting my Ernest Sarjeant carving gouges to work.

This adventure also promises some good blog post.  I’ll also be posting about a bowl I’m attempting to carve.  In the mean time, here’s a quick shot of the bowl and a view of my commute to my new job.

Oh and BTW!

My blog is about to hit a million views, so hopefully my upcoming post will put it over the top.  Weeeeee!  A million view.  I never thought I’d ever hit that.  

Thanks for reading!! 🙂