Ha! The Review gets reviewed

Mark Harrell at Bad Axe Tool Works published a blog roll in his latest newsletter.   I got a kick out of what he had to say about She Works Wood.

What I love about Marilyn Guthrie’s website and blog is the fact that she lives in an old house like me, and everything she blogs, writes, and posts on her website directly reflects her drive to make the time and space she occupies on this Earth into objects of beauty and endurance. Her website is kind of like ‘This Old House’ for the rest of us, because the rest of us don’t have about $2M to throw into a home renovation project. Marilyn offers practical observations and personal experience making period-appropriate furnishings and projects. Sick and tired of a buncha beer-swilling guys manhandling the blogosphere with the ‘been-there-done-that-let-me-show-you how- to-shoot-that-there-gun-Pilgirm attitude? Let Marilyn show you how she works wood.

Check out his saws if you get a chance.  They’re pretty awesome.  Here’s my post about mine.

Greenlee Butt Chisels and .. I cheated again ..

I made the dados for the shelf in my saw till cabinet this evening.  This gave me a chance to put my Greelee Butt Chisels to work and, man, they did a nice job.
I could have easily sliced the whole 1/4″ deep dado out with the 3/4″ chisel, it cut so nicely.

16" Tenon Saw

Today I received my 16″ Bad Axe Tenon Saw.  Its a big saw and when I unwrapped it, I was really glad I didn’t order the larger saw because it has a fair amount of weight to it.
Just so you know, I’m 5′ 6″ and I don’t have small hands.  The saw felt good in my hands but its heavier than any saw I own.  I’m also a very reluctant and very new sawyer.  My table saw still does, and probably always will, scare the begesus out of me.  And I will probably never own a big collection of hand saws.

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