Rails and tenons – Bed Side Table

After squaring my pieces up nice and neat, and then laying out the tenons.  I used the following process to cut the 14 12 tenons in the project

Step 1: Using a shim the same size as the tenon plus the blade width, I cut the cheeks of the tenon to the lay out line.

bst cutting tenons (1 of 1)

Step 2: Then I cut the tenon waste off with my hand saw.

bst cutting cheeks (1 of 1)

Step 3: After lining up the tenon with the mortises, I cut the ears to fit.

bst frame (1 of 1)

Takin’ the tool to the wood

suasan board (1 of 1)

This weekend I worked on making a cutting board for a friend, but I also managed to squeak in a little time in on the bed side table that I’m starting.


This is what the final piece will look like.


Made my sticking board .. finally.

For my Six Board Chest, I really wanted to give hand cut mouldings a try.  It’ll be a simple one, so don’t get too excited.  I knew some day a project require the sticking board, but I just hadn’t gotten around to making one.  Now the only problem is to find a place to store it. Its an 8′ long board.

Its an easy project.  I picked up a 1×12′ piece of Popular from Home Depot.  I ripped off two 2″ wide pieces, glued and screwed each piece to one side and trued up the inside edge with my Veritas Jack Rabbet plane.  I also attached a bench hook strip to one end so that I can clamp it in my end vice while pushing it up against my bench dogs.  And Wa-la!!  A sticking board.

Oh, and I have on of Philip Edward’s rabbet planes on the way to cut rabbets with.  So here’s hopin’ this goes well.


16" Tenon Saw

Today I received my 16″ Bad Axe Tenon Saw.  Its a big saw and when I unwrapped it, I was really glad I didn’t order the larger saw because it has a fair amount of weight to it.
Just so you know, I’m 5′ 6″ and I don’t have small hands.  The saw felt good in my hands but its heavier than any saw I own.  I’m also a very reluctant and very new sawyer.  My table saw still does, and probably always will, scare the begesus out of me.  And I will probably never own a big collection of hand saws.

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