Mark Harrell – Bad Axe Tool Works

I’m sure that I’ve blabbed on about Mark and his awesome saws on my blog before, but I’m going to do it again.  All my backsaws are made by Mark except for the old dovetail saw I inherited and he re-plated that one.  He makes amazing saws and provides a truck load of free information about how to keep your work at top speed.


Mark has always been an amazing supporter of women woodworkers.  For International Women’s Day he posted this video:

International Women’s Day Video

Mark sure you check out his site: Bad Axe Toolworks

Working with other woodworkers

I confess, I enjoy my time alone in the shop.  I don’t feel lonely there and its almost always a respite from my very stressful day job.  So there it is .. yes, my name is Marilyn and I’m an introvert.  😀

Being an introvert tends to get a bad rap these days.  Introverts are often characterized as not liking people, but that’s not really true.  As an introvert, I’m energized by being alone or by being with one or two others good friends.  Being in a big crowd can tend to sap my energy.  So it doesn’t often occur to me to do projects with other wood workers.

This weekend, I was invited over to Anne’s shop (@anneofalltrades on IG and ANNE OF ALL TRADES) to help her with a project.  Her shop is amazing! She’s actually on farm with some really nice space.  Her shop is not only welcoming (especially in some nice warm Pacific Northwest sunshine) but it’s full of inspiration.

anne's shop

We had a blast working on her at the moment “super secrete project”.  We actually were able to accomplish some wood working AND have conversation .. an acquired skill I believe. I’m a big believer that I can learn something from just about anyone and Anne is a great teacher so, not surprisingly, I walked away with some knowledge that I didn’t have at the start of the day.  

My typical approach to a project is to think about it, strategize, and then think about it some more.  Anne jumps right in, goes to work and adjusts as she needs to.  I would really like to cultivate that more in myself.  My projects seem to drag on or I take way too long to just start them, mostly, I suspect because I’m dithering over something I perceive as being difficult. 

Anyway, I highly recommend going and finding a woodworking buddy if you can and diving in.  

Rails and tenons – Bed Side Table

After squaring my pieces up nice and neat, and then laying out the tenons.  I used the following process to cut the 14 12 tenons in the project

Step 1: Using a shim the same size as the tenon plus the blade width, I cut the cheeks of the tenon to the lay out line.

bst cutting tenons (1 of 1)

Step 2: Then I cut the tenon waste off with my hand saw.

bst cutting cheeks (1 of 1)

Step 3: After lining up the tenon with the mortises, I cut the ears to fit.

bst frame (1 of 1)

Takin’ the tool to the wood

suasan board (1 of 1)

This weekend I worked on making a cutting board for a friend, but I also managed to squeak in a little time in on the bed side table that I’m starting.


This is what the final piece will look like.