Rabbets, rabbets, rabbets ..

I got the chance to add my shelves into the bottom of the workbench.  The solid wood maple shelf pieces will sit on the ledger strips that I installed earlier.  Each shelf piece has a rabbet on opposite side edges so that the pieces fit into one another.

After the rabbets are all done and some notching to fit the pieces around the legs, it looked like this.  Maple is, to me anyway, surprisingly beautiful.  I’m absolutely wanting to make more with maple.

The picture doesn’t do it justice.

In the meantime, Inspector Kitten assessed the cat toy potential of the maple shaving.

Tool Cabinet – Putting together the case .. finally

Things have been extremely busy and I haven’t had much shop time to work on the the tool cabinet.  But today, I got the tool cabinet put together and edges trimmed up.

Inspector Kitten came in and declared the dovetails .. mediocre.  And a disappointment .. since they weren’t actually attached to any birds.

After this, I’ll start working on the interior joinery.

Then .. there will be another long delay while I put together my rip saw.  Pictures to come on that.