Some tips on making blind dovetails

This is were I got the idea to use the card scraper.  There are a few other tips to check out as well.

Shannon – you’ll notice how he orients the boards to prevent breaking the pins.  Doh!  Should have watched this again before I did it.

More fun (really .. it is fun!) with drawers

Here’s a nice close up of my drawer sides with the tails cut.  The small gap between the boards is the rabbet I cut to help line up sides and front.  Its a trick I learned from Chris Schwarz.  Next I’ll use the fret saw to clean out the waste and trim up with a chisel.

I’m cutting half blind dovetails into the walnut drawer fronts.

Here’s a trick I learned .. from some where.  When cutting the half blind socket, the saw doesn’t cut the entire socket.  If you sharpen the edge of a scraper and then hammer it into the saw kerf, it cuts the socket full length and .. in theory makes it easier to clean out.