8 inch Brace Rehab – E. Sarjeant tools continued

In Ernest’s set of tools there was sweet 8″ brace that needed a little TLC.

First I had to figure out how to get the ratchet apart so I could get the gunck out and grease the parts for good working.  Wiktor Kuc helped me figure out that I need to tap the pin out in between the ratchet teeth.  Once I did that, I could go into the mechanism, clean it out and pack it with grease.

After some scrubbing, look what I found.

Then I took the upper part of the brace to the wire brush wheel the grinder, removed the crud and cleaned it up after with some metal polish.  

I also sanded the wooden handle which lightened it up significantly.  I left the pad alone so the contrast looked kinda silly.  I mixed up some boil linseed oil and some black dye.  And this is how it turned out.

Here is the metal polish I used:


More on Ernest Sarjeant’s Story

One of Ernest’s commissions was a conference table for the Florida State Capital building.  Below is a gallery of some of the plans, documents and photos of the table.  I don’t know if the table is still in use, but it wouldn’t surprise me.  The large mahogany table went for $ 900 in 1946.  No doubt the tools I’ve been working on helped make this table.  Right click on the pictures and open in a new tab to see pictures better.



Ernest Sarjeant’s Apprenticeship Papers

Here’s the second attempt to post these.  A friend made copies and I have the copies at the house.  I also have a lot more to share, since Ernest’s great grandson brought over some of his papers.  So check back, there will be more. If you right click on the pictures and open them in a new tab you can see them better.

In the gallery above is the Indenture of Apprenticeship, the front and back page of the agreement.  I have the pdfs of these and if you’re interested in an electronic pdf of these, email mail me (muthrie@gmail.com) and I’ll email them back to you.