Ribbon Cutting on the fence .. finally!

So today, I finished the final gate in the fence project.  The neighbors were so excited that I finally finished, they were setting off fire works .. ok .. maybe they were doing that for some other thing.

According to my fence guy, when building a large gate (12 feet in this case), you build the whole gate as a single panel.  After it’s all complete and hung as a single panel (you’ve probably guessed by now), you cut the ribbon.

So after half lapping the joints on my gate, adding corner bracing and wheels at the bottom of the gate I finally cut the ribbon.  The true test on this gate will be to see if it sags.  But, for now, minus a few pickets and some touch up paint; I’m done.  Let’s hope the belt and suspenders hold up for the long haul.

Make shift sharpening station

So I was away from my sharpening station and found that I had some time on my hands so I set up a make shift sharpening station.  I had some of my sharpening stuff with me but not all of it.    I ground new primary bevels with my Tormek on my chisels. Then with some sand paper and spray adhesive, I flattened my stones,made tiny little secondary bevels.

In the meantime, I found this cute little brace at the flea market store for $ 12.  I’ll have clean off the rust to figure out the brand name stamped on it.  Its nothing fancy, but just the right size for me.

In the meantime, my front fence gate sits waiting for me to get off my but and finish it.

Jungle carpentry

Sunday, we finished up the painting all the panels and put them up.  This involved some creative drilling in between garden plants.  Fortunately, it looks like the garden will survive.

Here are a few shots of the entire run which is over 100 feet.  The corners ended up being a bit of a puzzle, but all my newly acquired woodworking skills made it all possible.