Workbench mortise layout

So maybe I’m paranoid, but when I laid out my mortise for my chest of drawers, I had troubles. So I used a story stick for this project and lined every thing up using the top of the legs.

We’ll see how it worked when I start putting everything together.  I’ll be using this in my next project as well for my desk cabinet.

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6 Responses to Workbench mortise layout

  1. Tim Graham says:

    Dayummmm…I always thought story stick was a scrap 1×2 with pencil marks all over it, or a 12 ft 2×4 when I laid out the footings for the deck.I got to get me one of those…

  2. Well, actually .. that is what a story stick is. I just wanted an adjustable one. Cool isn't it!

  3. djmueller says:

    Marilyn:Can you provide the name of the manufacturer of your story stick, and where purchased? I have a similar jig, but it's 24", and best suited to the layout of picture frames for exhibits.

  4. If you hover your mouse over "story stick" and then click on it, the link will take you to the woodpecker site and all the information. Just realized my new site look is not displaying embedded links. Thanks for asking.

  5. What size do you own? Are you happy with it (size)?

  6. It's a 48" stick. And so far, so good. But I can see where having a shorter one might be good.

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