Installing hinges still makes me nervous.  These are a bit more trickery than what I’ve done before.  But as usual, Marc at the Wood Whisperer (membership required) has a great step by step process.

A place for my plans and the Bed Side Table

I finished my cutting board this weekend and started layout on the bedside table.  Lucky for me Marc, Matt and Shannon were talking about build order on the last Woodtalk Online Its a good one and worth a listen.  So I sat down and made my outline/build order from the plans and sketch up file.  And … I found a great place to put the outline and parts list.

a place for my plans (1 of 1)

On to leg layout.

leg layout (1 of 1)

Starting the Desk

I started working on the desk now that the work bench is complete.  We need a desk something awful.  Right now, all the “desk” work is getting done on a worn out scratched up old table.  Here’s a quick pic of what the desk will look like.

I don’t know about you, but at this point of the project I always feel a bit overwhelmed.  I know that I need to break the project down into small steps and work to complete those.  I have to tools, the plans and help if I need it, but never the less I seem to always feel this way at the beginning.

Here’s a quick gallery of what I done so far.