What do you think???

moulding on chest (1 of 1)

.. about the moulding?  Too thick or just right?  Too thin’s not an option since I already cut it.  And yes! silly pants, I know its too long.  I want it to be the right width on the side of the carcass before I start cutting mitres.

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8 Responses to What do you think???

  1. R.Lindh says:

    Too thick!

    • R.Lindh says:

      Or maybe I should have said.too wide…If I understand your question.

      • Marilyn says:

        I think you understand the question perfectly. The width of the moulding as it sit on the chest. Right now it’s 2″ wide and I’m trying to decide if I should thin it to an 1 3/4″ or maybe 1 1/2″.

  2. Jeremy says:

    It may be too thick, but this isn’t the only angle to consider, since this is a low chest, make sure you weigh how it looks from standing (it’ll get visually smaller) otherwise you may rip it, only to find it too thin when it’s in the house, since only pets will see it from dead on (except when forcing friends to show they are impressed with your work by admiring it on hands & knees or on your bench like I may be known to do…) That said, I think it should be as thin or thinner than the “wing”? on the bracket feet, or something like 1/3 of the bracket height.

  3. Jim B says:

    Yup, too wide. I’d make a couple of mock ups out of corrugated cardboard in different widths to see which appeals most.

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