Installing the hinges

I did a step by step of the hinge installation for anyone whose interested .. and .. so I don’t forget how I did it.  I used card scrapers on all for sides to create the proper spacing.  The card scraper just happens to be the same thickness as the hinge washer.

5 thoughts on “Installing the hinges”

  1. Hey! I am with I tried to find a place to contact you but couldn’t. If you would be interested in working with us in anyway, I would love to hear from you at the e-mail I just filled in.

    I love your blog and I’d like to “sponsor” you in a way. I’d love to provide the hardware you are using for these projects free of charge.

    I hope to hear from you!

  2. Hi Marilyn, Great job, your bedside table is very nice. You commented it was too big, I am not sure of the dimensions but it doesn’t look too big.

    I made a barrister bookcase last year, used 100% solid cherry, no veneers. It was 36-1/2 T x 34″ W x 10-3/4 deep. The hardware was all concealed except for the from knobs. I use it all the time and love it. You will love your bedside table once you get it completed! 😉

    1. Thanks so much. I’ve already put the bedside table in its final location and you’re right it fits perfectly. More pictures of that today of the final project (minus the drawer). I really do need a bedside table so it will be put into service immediately while I’m still making the drawer.

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