Kerfing plane done and in action

I was able to finish up my kerfing plane and actually resaw a board.  After kerfing the board, I resawed the board with my panel saw .. which convinced my that I needed to build my frame saw.  My plan is to build Shannon’s frame saw Semester 4 – Roubo Frame Saw.

Here are some of the photos of the plane:

Just as a reminder, this project is the kerfing plane project from the Unplugged WoodShop.  Saw blade and nuts from Bad Axe Tool Works.

All my posts for this project can be found on the right hand side under the Kerfing Plane Project Page.

8 thoughts on “Kerfing plane done and in action”

  1. I’ve resawed a few boards, and I KNOW for a fact that this will help you get good cuts. I always had a little drift, and this would really help.

    Nice work.

  2. Very nice. I have a blank set aside and even some 1″ dowel stock (of Teak!) for my own pair of kerfing planes. I figured I would make a fixed width for veneer and the adjustable one too for bisecting boards. Other things keep getting in the way of this build though and I really need to stop putting it off. I don’t envy you trying to resaw with only a panel saw though…unless building your shoulder muscles is part of the plan.

  3. Marilyn, thanks for posting your experience with the kerfing plane. I’ve been considering the project pair too (kerfing plane/frame saw). Like Sadlebadger, I’ve had issues with drift. Resawing with a panel saw is so labor intensive and leaves surfaces that require so much planing to square up that I’ve all but abandoned it except on small pieces intended for a box lid.

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful. I have a nice piece of cherry too big for my bandsaw that I need to resaw. So we’ll see how it goes on a bigger board. I’m expecting both the kerfing plane and frame saw to help it go well.

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