Remember the TV Lift Cabinet

I haven’t blogged about it since .. sheez .. March (Everything’s better with a face frame even the view from above).  I’ve managed to get my knee functioning well again .. without surgery but with lots of PT.  So I’m back in the saddle and had some time this weekend to work on the lift cabinet.

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  1. Welcome back to the shop, Marilyn. Glad you were able to improve the knee without surgery. Yes!

      1. Thought so. I’m looking to beef up the top to my latest project. I only had 3/4″ cherry material available when I was at the hardwood dealer. I couldn’t justified milling down 8/4 cherry either. Maybe I can play with mouldings? I liked the beveled edge on your top, which was was originally going for in my design. I have a post coming out about this.

        Thanks for clarifying.

      2. I was able to find some 5/4 to use for the top and that worked well. There are about 4 boards glued together for the top. The bevel was added to ” lighten” the top.

        You might be able to play with the bevel too to give the appearance of more “beef”. In other words, bevel but at a low angle so that the edge is only slightly less than 3/4’s. It would take some playing around with to see how it would look. Just a thought.

  2. Looks great Marilyn, I love the chamfer and slightly softened edges. I’ll be curious to see what kind of hardware you use for the lift. I’ve looked into it in the past and got a little sticker shock. I’m hoping one of these is in my future soon if I can convince my wife we don’t need our old CRT TV anymore.

    Congrats on the knee too. FYI my mom just had knee replacement surgery and she was in the hospital for a total of 36 hours. She is actually walking already too. Months of PT ahead of her but still pretty incredible at how “routine” it is to get a terminator leg. Just think if you need to have it done in 10 or 20 years how easy it will be then!

    1. LOL! Terminator leg .. I love it. The plan/hope is to postone that as long as possible until I get a bit more long in the tooth.

      And thanks. The lift is very expensive. I wish I could say I found a cheaper one. The lift cabinet is going to be the center piece of our living/ dining room so it made a lot of sense to go for it.

  3. Just think of the money and time you’d save if you did not buy the lift and sold your tv. With that extra time in your life you could spend more time in the shop. Which of course may require some additional expenses in fun tools and material.

    1. Oh I’d be all over that. But I got out voted long ago on that.

      Also anonther reason to have the lift .. so I don’t have to see the thing.

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