Bedside table – Hinges in and case glued up

In order to get the hinges in, I super glued the hinge in place using a card scraper for spacing from the side of the case.  Once I had the hinge outlined and marked using my marking knife, I knocked the hinge off the wood.  Then I used my router, chisels and finally the router plane to remove the wastes.  I used this same process to install the knife hinges in the wall cabinet with good result.

So where was I .. oh yeah .. The Bedside table

And now back to the bedside table that I was working on.  After the initial dry fit, it seems like every thing still fits .. whew!  Things have been stickered, but its been since before Thanksgiving that I’ve been able to work on it.

Signing my work and making grooves – Bedside table

I used a Paul Seller’s work holding method and a Rockler clamp to hold the board while I plowed the groove.  I was pretty happy with how well it worked.  I clamped the edges of the piece in the clamp and then clamped the clamp in my vise.

work holding - plowing the groove (1 of 1)


Bedside Table – a bit more progress – leg bevels,drawer slides and kickers

Here’s a quick step by step on how I cut the bevels on the legs with a few progress shots.