Groovin with No. 48

I love using my No. 48 to make grooves for door panels.  When I’m making thin styles and rail (1 3/8″) I still don’t have a great way to hold the work.  If you have a magic trick, please share.  Any way, the door is starting to shape up.

Finishing up the doors

Above are the steps I went through to finish up the doors.  Again the doors are simply set into place using the hinges as spacers.  I thought I was going to be able to get to the hinges today, but no luck.

Next hinges, 3 more drawers, the pull out shelf, the key board shelf and then on to assembly.  

Many miles to go before I sleep.

The doors

This weekend I got a little bit of time to work more on the doors.  Frames are made of the straightest grain cherry I could find.  I used haunched tenons so that I could run the grooves from end to end of both the rails and the styles.

I can’t wait to see how the curly cherry panels look in these frames.

(As always you can right click on the pictures to make them bigger)