Fitting the doors and adding hinges

I used Marc Spagnuolo plywood wall cabinet no mortise hinge installation video as a guide for what I ended up doing.  I tried to photograph most of the steps.  

I was able to use the hinges to create even space around all door edges.

Then I cut two different spacers.  One spacer placed the hinges at the same location on the doors (in line with the rails).  Then I cut a second spacer that was a hinge space taller to place the hinge on the case side.  This ensured that the door doesn’t drag on the case bottom and left a hinge width space.

As usual, you can right click on the pictures to see them in larger size.

5 thoughts on “Fitting the doors and adding hinges”

  1. Interesting bifold door Marilyn. Curious why you decided to go this route vs. two swinging doors. At first I thought “Oh, this gives full access to the shelving” but then realized double doors without a centre post would do the same. Just wondering…

    Jim B

    1. What will go behind the doors are drawers. I was following a plan, but the idea is that, while you sit to the left of the case at the desk, you can reach over, open the doors, push them to the right hand side and pull open the drawers.

      If i did double doors, one door would interfere with the leg space under the desk. I think it’ll make more sense when its all put together.

  2. I was confused when I saw the hinge between the doors too, but when I got to the last picture it suddenly made sense. Pretty complex project Marilyn!

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