Getting Even

I’ve been putting grooves in the internal frames pieces and finishing up the frame and stile parts for the case sides.  

I needed to cut the angled feet.  The gallery below tells how I cut and finished the feet.

Starting the Desk

I started working on the desk now that the work bench is complete.  We need a desk something awful.  Right now, all the “desk” work is getting done on a worn out scratched up old table.  Here’s a quick pic of what the desk will look like.

I don’t know about you, but at this point of the project I always feel a bit overwhelmed.  I know that I need to break the project down into small steps and work to complete those.  I have to tools, the plans and help if I need it, but never the less I seem to always feel this way at the beginning.

Here’s a quick gallery of what I done so far.