Bedside table drawer done

I finally finished up the drawer for my bedside table.  I’ll be working on the TV lift table but progress and blogging will be sparse.  I’m dealing with a medical issue (my knee) that’s going to make it difficult to do much woodworking for the next few months .. at least. 

Anyway, final shots of the Bedside Table:

16 thoughts on “Bedside table drawer done”

  1. That is a wonderful table. Outstanding work, Marilyn.
    Sorry to hear about the knee. Wishing you some powerful healing.

  2. Months? Are you getting it replaced? Let me know if you have questions – my day job is testing those (and other) devices to be sure they hold up. Success rates are generally very high. Good luck!

    1. The other client in the house wants drawers, lots of drawings. I would have loved to make two. But alas.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe I’ll get someone to turn me a peg leg! 🙂

  3. Just inform the “other” client that your table has 13 hidden drawers. If she isn’t sharp enough to figure out where they are…well…

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