Bedside table drawer done

I finally finished up the drawer for my bedside table.  I’ll be working on the TV lift table but progress and blogging will be sparse.  I’m dealing with a medical issue (my knee) that’s going to make it difficult to do much woodworking for the next few months .. at least. 

Anyway, final shots of the Bedside Table:

16 thoughts on “Bedside table drawer done”

  1. That is a wonderful table. Outstanding work, Marilyn.
    Sorry to hear about the knee. Wishing you some powerful healing.

  2. Months? Are you getting it replaced? Let me know if you have questions – my day job is testing those (and other) devices to be sure they hold up. Success rates are generally very high. Good luck!

  3. This came out great — now you need one for the other side of the bed, right?

    Sorry to hear about the knee, wishing you a fast and painless recovery.

    1. The other client in the house wants drawers, lots of drawings. I would have loved to make two. But alas.

      Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe I’ll get someone to turn me a peg leg! 🙂

  4. Just inform the “other” client that your table has 13 hidden drawers. If she isn’t sharp enough to figure out where they are…well…

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