Bedside table drawer done

I finally finished up the drawer for my bedside table.  I’ll be working on the TV lift table but progress and blogging will be sparse.  I’m dealing with a medical issue (my knee) that’s going to make it difficult to do much woodworking for the next few months .. at least. 

Anyway, final shots of the Bedside Table:

Phooey .. no more woodworking this weekend

Getin’ old sucks.  According to the doctor, when one gets .. lets say .. in one’s late forties, knee meniscus start losing water and are easy to tear.  If you kneel for extended periods of time, this also squeeses water out of the meniscus and that first step you take after getting up can tear it. According to him .. gardening .. is the biggest reason for this kneed injury.Fortunately, its a day surgery so I’ll be sitting on the couch reading about woodworking this weekend instead of doing it.

Inside of the knee picture below the fold. Continue reading “Phooey .. no more woodworking this weekend”