Making the Kerfing Plane

I’ve making slow but steady progress on my Kerfing Plane.  This is a project from the Unplugged Workshop book.  I’ve got a nice wide piece of curly cherry to resaw and its too big for my band saw.

Workin’ a bit more on the corrugated jointer

I worked on the corrugated jointer.  I decided to replace the blade to eliminated chatter and make for a better cut.  First, I needed to open the mouth just a tiny bit more to allow the thicker blade to fit through the mouth.

Surprise, surprise .. I found that the mouth was a bit crooked.  (Perhaps that’ll inspire a name for this plane – cock-eyed corgi?).

So I used my file to adjust and about a 1/32″ wider opening.

This was better.  But I had to do a little bit more work once the blade was in.

And now for nice shavings.

The blow by blow  from the beginning below.

Fun with Scrubby, Jack and John

Well, I have to admit it, I was dreading flattening the new workbench top. But it turned out to be kinda fun. With aid of Scubby (the wooden scrub plane), I was able remove all the high spots from the top. Then Jack (the shorter Jack plane, of course) leveled things out.Last, the jointer plane made it all flat and pretty. There are still a few scrubby tracks that need to be removed, but I’ll get to those later. For now I have a really nice and flat top to
start making my drawers and wall cabinet on. Yippee!

Here’s the finished product: