Copper Nail Resources

Ok, I live in a boating town and I’ve been looking for copper nails, etc.  All I’ve been able to find are online resources (sheesh!) .. so I thought I’d share.  Click on the pictures for a better look.

Copper Rose-Head Boat Nails & Roves – Lee Valley

Tools ~ Rove Set

Instructions – Riveting

Copper Nails Rove


Video Installing rivets

Watch Part 2

Topless Dutch Tool Chest with Finish

Note:  If you been directed here from another site looking for plans, I’m sorry.  There are are a lot of individuals out there representing other people’s work as theirs.  I’m not able to prevent this prevent this type of misrepresentation of my work.  Again I’m sorry.  Please don’t encourage by buying something from them.

The chubby blue dutch boy!
The chubby blue dutch boy!

Yes, still not top, but I’ve finished the case.  And no worries, I have enough finish to do the top.  I’ve been waiting on hinges before I complete the top and paint it.

Milk Paint Finish with Boiled Linseed oil on top.

Finishing out the interior of the Dutch Tool Chest

I finished up the interior tool holding today on the DTC.  Here’s a picture of how its coming along.  

dtc interior (1 of 1)

I’m gluing on the front pieces without nailing because I’m going to paint first then add the nails.  I’m a pretty decent nailer (I sided my whole house, so I’ve had lots of practice with small nails) so hopefully I won’t mess the finish up too much.  I’ll use screws for the hinges and some of the tool racks, but nails for the rest.

Tool Rack – Dutch Tool Chest

Today I got a little time to set up my tool rack in the back of the chest.  I figured it’d be easier to do this before I put on the front.  I’m also waiting for my hinges to show up, so it made sense to work on this now.  It involved a lot of fiddling and fitting, but I finally got everything in.  For the most part, I used Chris’ 1/2″ hole every 1 1/8″ rule on a 1″ thick stick.

tool rack (1 of 1)

This would put all my chisel (bench and specialty) in one place which is preferable to the hither and yon set up that I have now.  I’m not a matched set kinda gal so it looks a little messy, but oh well.  After the rack is attached to the case, I’ll glue the suede to the back which will help keep the saw handles from getting scratched or rubbed.